I recall early mornings in the early 2000’s when I was up before dawn to catch a bus to my first staffing agency job.

I would think to myself how much I wish I could sleep a little more but was urged on by the thought that someone out there was hoping, looking, desperate that today just might be the day they would find a new or better job.

A job that new or better would bring hope, excitement! A better paycheck—or even just a paycheck at all.

Since that day, I’ve been lucky enough to recruit roles from Intern to Chief Revenue Officer, and technical positions working on the smallest bits of the world’s fastest hard drives to the biggest systems securely carrying and storing petabytes of data for the largest companies in the world.

I’ve placed individuals in startup and public companies and across fifteen countries.

I’ve been “in the room where it happens” and able to see and help mold the vision of companies future direction because I’m the one person everyone knows well in a given company—the recruiter who brought them in.

Across these years and successes and struggles, one thing remains constant. The allure. The question. The wonder of a new job.

And yet for some that new job feels out of reach. Out of sight. Out of mind.

And right now, amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, that dream seems out of touch for millions and millions more.

Yet, across all this, I find that hiring teams big and small seem to tackle the same challenges or meet hiring with vigor on the first day of the search only to have their efforts wane and old ways creep in as the days turn to weeks and weeks.

And yet millions look for work.

And millions of jobs are to be had.

Why is matching people so hard?

And why is the process of humans working together so, well, in humane sometimes?!

It is these reasons, because I think we can and should do better at being more HUMAN in our HIRING, that I take this challenge on.

I hope you will join me.