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You Are ‘Amy Cooper’ & So Am I. Now What?
You Are ‘Amy Cooper’ & So Am I. Now What?www.askrobertmerrill.com

So… “You’re in #HR . Over the weekend, an employee engages in racist behavior that’s caught on video. The video goes viral. What do you do?”

This is the question Employment Attorney Kate Bischoff asks on LinkedIn. The comments and thread are both interesting and valuable, though the real insight comes as you and I consider the very real fact that, in some aspect of our life, you and I are probably an ‘Amy Cooper’ in one way or another. Meaning: We are entitled, falsely accuse others of actions they don’t intend or did not mean, and call on authority without regard for others, if needed, to get the problems out of our life and wash our hands of them.

This, in the same week as the terrible death of George Floyd, and there’s some real issues that need to be tackled head on. What do you do about these things when you look in the mirror and see that you might be part of the problem?

See some suggestions on my blog about allyship along with my recommendation on a movie you really need to watch, if you need to get a little more woke… and if you’re like me, you probably do.

Be Interested, Not Interesting

Here on the corner of my computer screen, I have a little piece of a sticky note with the following on it:

Interested > Interesting

Meaning, being interested is better than being interesting. And, if you’re in the people business, or have any personal relationships that are important to you, this is good advice.

It comes from Mark Goulston, Author of Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

This is a great book and, for me, has been instrumental in me trying to really deepen some personal relationships as well as going farther to develop connection with the people I work with, both as candidates, hiring managers and as just other great humans I want to know better.

The whole book is interesting. Mark, who trains hostage negotiators, opens the book with a pretty intense confrontation between a man threatening to commit suicide in a mall parking lot. You see two kinds of negotiations take place. The “Hey, you’re in big trouble so put the gun down” kind that we see on TV and a much different approach that diffuses the situation and brings a peaceful resolution — listening.

One challenge I admit that I have in listening better is, well, asking questions. It sounds funny, but I sometimes get stuck just knowing what I should be asking someone!

Do you suffer from the same problem? Luckily, I took some notes for you. From my notebook to yours, find some great questions you can ask anyone to show you are interested on my blog:

Be Interested, Not Interesting | Ask Robert Merrill
Be Interested, Not Interesting | Ask Robert Merrillwww.askrobertmerrill.com

Professional and personal questions to as anyone to show that you’re interested.

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Don’t Worry About Who “Wronged You” in Your Career
Don’t Worry About Who “Wronged You” in Your Careerwww.linkedin.com
You are going to work for a douche bag boss or face a customer that makes you want to quit your job. These people you encounter in your career are going to feel like they wronged you. They are going to show you what an overinflated ego looks like.

Hiring At Scale – Podcast with Jerome Ternynck
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A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected !
A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected !thriveglobal.com
The long-term success of any company depends on the quality and loyalty of it’s employees. In this fast-paced, rapidly changing business environment in which corporate growth and profitability are critical, companies need to revamp their strategy for finding and retaining the best talent.

The desk may never be seen again in a post-Corona world
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Is your desk at the office decorated with plants, pictures, or perfectly positioned pens? Well, that may not be the case for long.

Remote Work Is Not Here to Stay
Remote Work Is Not Here to Staymedium.com
The spread of the novel coronavirus has pushed companies to rely on remote work in recent months. Some think this practice could (finally) be here to stay, touting laundry lists of benefits to employees and employers alike.

Are you always exhausted? The burnout is real for U.S. workers
Are you always exhausted? The burnout is real for U.S. workerswww.marketwatch.com
Bohns, an associate professor of organizational behavior at Cornell University’s ILR School, said it helps to forgo checking email for set amounts of time. These times will vary depending on the person, she added.

Twitter Will Allow Employees To Work At Home Forever
Twitter Will Allow Employees To Work At Home Foreverwww.buzzfeednews.com
Two months into working from home, Twitter makes it permanent for some. Some Twitter employees will never return to their office.

How do I virtually hire for technical roles?
How do I virtually hire for technical roles?technical.ly
Hiring is always a thorny jumble of expectations and bias. Add quickly evolving norms for digital communication, and you have a real organizational challenge. The sheer scope of the workplace changes taking place today won’t be fully grasped soon.

Top 21 Career Influencers to Follow in 2019
Top 21 Career Influencers to Follow in 2019novoresume.com

Everyone is an influencer nowadays. Whether you’re looking to become one or follow one, this list is a good place to start! Plus, they talk about jobs! #win

10 Ways to Be More Mindful at Work
10 Ways to Be More Mindful at Workwww.mindful.org

Mindfulness is more important now than ever, and I make a dedicate effort to bring it into each each day. How do you become more mindful?

Companies Are Bad at Identifying High-Potential Employees
Companies Are Bad at Identifying High-Potential Employeeshbr.org
A high-potential employee is usually in the top 5% of employees in an organization. These people are thought to be the organization’s most capable, most motivated, and most likely to ascend to positions of responsibility and power.


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